Top Tips for the Big Spring Clean

It’s that time of year for the Spring clean. Whilst we naturally think of that as something done in the homes around Britain, for those business owners, it’s time to concentrate on that too. We’ve put together some top tips and products to make that spring clean that bit easier as you tackle your cleaning. 1) Start with a walk-through of your facility to identify those areas that are looking extra tired. This means you can stop them becoming a [...]


Is the cleaning industry on of the UK’s biggest employers? [BCC Industry Reports]

BCC Release New Industry Trends Report  The cleaning industry contributes over £24 billion to the UK economy according to the latest figures released by the British Cleaning Council. The report complied for the BCC by market research company, Firedog Research, shows that in addition to being a huge net contributor to the UK economy, the cleaning industry is also one of its biggest employers, with over 700,000 people. Looking at the very latest figures from 2015, the report also highlights that wage [...]


5 myths surrounding bathroom cleanliness and hygiene!

The cold and flu is widespread this time of year because the weather turns colder. This means people are on extra alert due to germ spreading. There are myths about how infections are spread. To clear things up, we have taken some myths outlined by Cintas Corporation for common misconceptions about bathroom cleanliness and hygiene. 1. ‘It doesn’t matter how long I wash my hands as long as I use soap’ – False                      [...]


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