What to consider when buying cleaning chemicals

What to consider when buying cleaning chemicals


With so many different types of cleaning chemicals to choose from it can be difficult to pick the right product for your cleaning needs. Therefore, we have put together some factors to consider, when buying cleaning chemicals. From our own innovative product Unique Blue to Prochem chemicals, at Janitorial UK we have a wide variety of to suit all your cleaning needs.


Each cleaning chemical will have a different strength, normally those created by household known brands are less powerful than those that have been specially formulated by industry brands. The description on the product will advise about the strength of the chemicals used. Diverse working environments will require different strengths of cleaning products. Bathrooms and Kitchen facilities need powerful cleaning chemicals to ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained for use. Other working environments require less harsh chemicals as germs and bacteria levels aren’t as high and smaller spaces become over powered with harsh chemicals, which isn’t good for the people that work there.

Type of clean

Whether you are cleaning floors, worktops, or desks – the type of clean will affect the type of cleaning chemicalGreyland Floor care range you buy. Some of the cleaning chemicals we supply at Janitorial UK are formulated for specific use, for example we have selected chemicals for floor use only. These cleaning chemicals have been specifically designed to treat floors. We have categories for specific cleaning chemicals, so products are easy to locate and it ensures you choose the right product for the type of clean required.

Health & safety

Some of the chemicals we supply are ideal for when industrial strength cleaning products are needed, however they also include strong chemicals that could cause problems in areas with health concerns. Hospitals, schools, care-homes and nursery’s need specialised cleaning chemicals that ‘do the job’ of keeping it hygienic but are also safe to use in environments with a number of susceptible people. Before purchasing cleaning chemicals make sure that it is right for the environment. You need to make sure you’re considering the health and safety of others, and that some products can affect vulnerable people.

Product Information

The easiest place to find information about the product you are using is on the label. The information on the label may include…

  • Company name.
  • Product name.
  • How to use directions.
  • Bottle size.
  • Dilution instructions.
  • Warnings, signal words, hazard pictograms and hazard statements
  • Product description and what it is used for.
  • First aid and safety directions.

The label is normally the first thing you read when you need chemical safety information because it’s usually right there and easy to find. To maximize the cleaning chemicals potential, we would advise you to always read instructions and follow them as best as you can. Our products on our website always have a description underneath the image, so that customers can identify what the product manufactured for etc.


We hope this blog gave you some insight on what to look for and do when dealing with cleaning chemicals. We have a variety of excellent cleaning products waiting for you on our website!


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