Top Tips for the Big Spring Clean

Top Tips for the Big Spring Clean

It’s that time of year for the Spring clean. Whilst we naturally think of that as something done in the homes around Britain, for those business owners, it’s time to concentrate on that too. We’ve put together some top tips and products to make that spring clean that bit easier as you tackle your cleaning.

1) Start with a walk-through of your facility to identify those areas that are looking extra tired. This means you can stop them becoming a bigger problem but will also mean that you can order the cleaning products you need in advance rather than waiting until you’re tackling the job and then delaying it. Look at doors, locks, tile and grout and carpets. Bathrooms, communal spaces and eating areas always make big first impressions.

2. Inspect floors and carpets closely as winter can be harsh on these surfaces. Deep cleanings, stripping and waxing might be necessary. Winter can be tough on carpets, so identify which of these will need a deep clean. Check hard flooring too, it may need stripping and waxing:


Carpets–  are magnets for hair, dirt, dust ,even mildew and bugs. You can combat this by vacuuming regularly and not rushing the task. That doesn’t mean that they don’t need a thorough clean every now and again. You can use a carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpet of the most difficult stains and smells. We stock Prochem Extraction Plus 5 Litre a liquid that is put into the carpet cleaner to lift stains effortlessly. This should also get rid of any bad smells your carpet may give off.


Tile- The same rules as your carpet apply here; the best way to ensure they are sparkling is regular cleaning. Sweep or vacuum to keep them bright, then use one of our Octopus cleaning mops to remove any dirt which has stuck to the surface.

Wooden floor– You need to check what kind of finish your hardwood floor has, if you can’t say for sure then always opt for a gentler clean, as the last thing you want is to ruin your floors. Sweep or vacuum regularly and clean up any spills as soon as possible – only deep clean when necessary. Choose a cleaner that is specifically made for your type of floor finish, and never use anything too harsh. We have an excellent Greyland Lemon Floor Gel for wooden floors. Remember to always soak up excess water with your mop as it can damage the wood. After cleaning, your floor can sometimes dry streaky. Mix lemon and water and hand dry to prevent any streaking occurring.

3)  You should be able to freshen up areas like bathrooms by slightly extending your cleaners daily schedules. Look at areas that need replacements or repairs. Bathrooms will usually have the highest traffic in any facility and are notoriously one of the most difficult to clean. Extending the cleaning schedule for a couple of weeks in there should see them looking good as new with no real additional sessions required. We have put together a few steps to follow to get those toilets sparkling!

Take your time

When it comes to tackling toilets, we have a strong Triple S Toilet Cleaner. This particular cleaner effectively cleans and descales toilets and other ceramic surfaces. Let the cleaner go to work. Standing time is necessary to dissolve deposits and kill germs, so don’t cut the time short.

Brush up.

A good bowl brush is a must. If yours is flattened or mashed, replace it; you need those bristles bristling to do a good job. Curved bowl brushes reach up and under the toilet rim to scour away hidden deposits.


Use a disinfecting spray cleaner or all-purpose bathroom cleaner to spray toilet rims, seat and lid, tank and bowl exterior. Be sure to check the label for the recommended standing time; antibacterial cleaning products require a certain amount of wet exposure to kill germs. Wipe clean and dry and Wa-la!

4) Audit your cleaning consumables. Once we use a cleaning product we’ll tend to stick with it, but there are a huge range of products on the market. A spring clean makes a good time to do a stock take and put some time into looking at whether the products you’re using are the best available and most suitable for the job.

5) Think about where visitors will see soon. Walk into the facility as though you were a visitor, stand and look around. Are the windows clean? How do the floor mats look? Are surfaces clean.


6) Your spring clean can be a great opportunity to take stock. Your cleaning staff leave a lasting impression on your company. How are their uniforms looking? Are they smart enough or is it time for a work-wear refresh?


We have a huge range of products for your spring clean. For more information, or for a product audit don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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